Thursday, June 17, 2010

Resisting Temptations, Investing in the Right Makeup & Products I'm Considering

Since I've developed this obsession with makeup, I've started to habitually check the Sephora and MAC websites everyday. Yes, everyday. I am aware that they dont change that often, but that's how often I like to look at them. The problem with this is that I'm always discovering these amazing deals at Sephora that I really want to try. Unfortunately, my budget (as well as my conscience) dont allow for that. So I'm often left feeling, "Aw, man!"-ish.

To feel better, I'm going to list below some of the new gift packs at Sephora or sets or weekly picks as they call them, hoping someone else will enjoy them for me.

Best in Bronze Deluxe Sampler ($113 Value)

Best in Bronze Deluxe Sampler ($39)
This set is a "Sephora's Favourites" box which means that its not from a single brand. Sephora has also released a mascara set like this which I own and adore, and I believe this is the second Sephora Favourites to hit the shelves. I personally think this is a GREAT idea. It allows you to really try out (in a fair sample size) all of the best bronzers (or at least many of the great ones) and get a feel for what you like, what you dont, and why. And then, once you know, you can purchase the full size of what you like! I am enjoying the mascara set for many of the same reasons; with the addition that I find I like using these products for as long as they last in the sample size anyway. There's so many products out there that I want to move on and try what else there is! Having a full-size bottle means it either gets wasted or you drag yourself to use it longer than you want to. With sample sizes, that's not a problem. And honestly, 40 bucks is a fair price. Yay Sephora!

Beauty In A Box - Aqua Essentials Kit ($124 Value)

Sephora Beauty in a Box - Aqua Essentials Kit ($69)
I believe this set is a bit more recent than the last one but still fairly old. I REALLY BADLY want to get this set. Makeup Forever is such an amazing company and these are amazing products that they've put together. It gives you the chance to try out their new Aqua Creams in very wearable colours (warm beige & taupe) as well as their famous mascara, and some lip products. It's still quite pricey, although fairly so considering the actual prices of these products, but I just cant dish out that much on things I really dont need. I already have great neutral eyeshadows (although not in creams), so many mascaras and I dont know if those lip products would suit me. But if I could, I could easily justify getting this gem.

Despite the fact that this post is about resisting temptations, the truth is I am able to get over them. I am very proud of the fact that I've bought the makeup that I use. There have been very few products that I've bought on a whim and I dont like to waste my money so I'm glad that I've really researched into what I've gotten. I just dont feel like investing in these sets, I dont think they are worth it for me, but if these investments can work out for someone the way others have worked for me than thats whats most important.

Speaking of investments, I am definitely going to be picking up the new Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III set to release this fall. I know that there will be repeat eyeshadows (not officially, just by past experience) but I'm willing to live with extra Midnight Cowboy and Twice Baked eyeshadow since, in reality, they are very pretty shades. I'm excited to see what they come up with for this.

I also want to invest in some skin products. I want to get the tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier but I've been hearing mixed reviews about it. Well actually, I've heard great reviews, I'm just concerned that it's not going to give me the coverage I want. Anddd, it's extremely expensive so I wouldnt want to get it unless I really think it's worth it. I do need a good eye cream though, I'm really looking into Clinique's products since their tested for allergies and are thought to be good for acne-prone skin.

I also need a new foundation. I'm currently using MAC's Studio Sculpt and it's very good coverage but can easily be made to look cakey. It's quite thick and it's not the look I need every single day. I need something that feels lighter on my skin because this foundation is like a mask. While it makes my skin look amazing, I feel like I'm putting my face on everyday with this foundation. I would suggest it for oily skin (since creams are less likely to look oily than liquids) and for those who have scarring or marks because no one can see them with some of this. Great product, but I need something that suits my changing needs and this no longer meets the requirements!

So this ended up being about several things but they are what's on my mind and I feel lighter having said them. Yay blog!

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