Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Favourite Makeup Guru: magicgrl111

OMG! I'm loving this makeup guru. She's not as big as many of the others I've mentioned before but I'm realizing how amazing she is at makeup!

I really appreciate how most of her makeup tutorials that I've watched implemented different techniques. Sometimes with gurus, they use very similar techniques to achieve very different looks. And when you're like me (and you watch them incessently) you start to get bored of the same idea being replayed because you want to learn something new. Although, I have to add, I love that you can use almost the same technique so many different ways as well.

Anyways! Her name is Selby and she's a mid-20's American makeup guru on YouTube. She has about 24,000 subscribers (and she deserves many, many more!) I recently found a tutorial by her and subscribed to see what else she had because I found her makeup results really nice. I've discovered that she uses and owns a wide range of products and uses them in various ways. I'm really enjoying watching her videos.

Plus! She's gorgeous! Everything she does looks amazing on her, and lets face it, that matters when your trying to transform yourself from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan!

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