Saturday, June 5, 2010

Future Hauls

So, I plan my hauls. I dont have all the money in the world where I can just go and buy whatever I want whenever I want. I save up and get things that I personally have researched and feel are worth it for me. Also, I hate the feeling of having wasted money on something. We all work hard for our money and I like to use up every last drop of whatever I buy.

Anyways! lol, I have two hauls that I'm planning right now.

Well, I have one haul coming in. None of these are massive, they're just things I'm getting as I learn about what my skin needs and what can make my makeup look better and so on.

I placed an order for MAC already which I should be getting in the next couple of weeks. In it I ordered a Plum Foolery Powder Blush for my mommy (it's her Mothers Day present which is, I KNOW, super late), the Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50, MAC wipes (100 sheets) and the MAC Brush Cleanser.

I dont have even close to a full collection of makeup yet. And what I mean by that is that I dont feel like I even have all the basics yet. So I'm working towards it, getting things slowly, slowly, trying to have a good foundation. So I'll just quickly go through my reasoning for what I bought and why, because I actually have reasons behind each product.

Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50: I have acne-prone, oily/combination, yellow-undertoned skin. I noticed, with my MAC Studio Sculpt (which like, MAC has some of the best foundations out there) that my makeup faded. I knew that it wasnt so much the foundation but that during the day I was blotting and I had oils coming out and all that not-so-great stuff. So I learned about how primers make your foundation last a lot longer. Also, I walk a lot of the time when I have to go somewhere that I can get to in like 20-30 minute because it's healthy and what-not. So my skin gets sun exposure when I do that. I dont sun-bathe or tan or anything like that but I still worry about damaging my skin. Also, I dont feel like where I live we dont get sun in the winter. There's sun all year-long. So I also wanted something that protected my skin with a good amount of SPF. Most MAC products will have SPF 15 but if your walking in the sun twice a day for 30 minutes each, SPF 15 isnt gonna do so great. Also, I watched videos where people talked about how great this product was as a primer and I knew I could Back2MAC it. So for all these reasons, I invested in this product. And yes, it's an investment because it's not a huge tube and its $36.50 (CAD).

MAC Wipes: Again, one of my reasons was that I could Back2MAC it so I didnt feel like I'd be wasting any money since I'd be getting free products out of it. Also, I use a lot of MAC face products so I wanted their wipes because I trust them to give me quality. It's actually also the same price as Nivea wipes since they are $8 for 25 and this is $31 for 100. Both come out to abot 32 cents per sheet. Yes, I did the math, lol. So again, it was worth the investment. And I was never going to get free products from Nivea so I thought it would be worth it.

MAC Brush Cleanser: I deep clean my brushes once a week, sometimes it'll go to a week and a half, but I clean them properly that often. However, when I'm done my makeup I always feel like if I had a cleanser I would wipe them off right then so that my brush holder wouldnt get anything on it and also so that I could they wouldnt have bacteria from my face or the air or whatever on them that would just grow and be applied back on my face until I washed them. So for this reason, I wanted to get a brush cleanser so I can keep my brushes squeeky clean. I have the Sigma Face & Eyes 12 piece set (which I really love, except for all the shedding) and it was also an investment ($110 shipping & taxes included for the set) so I want to make sure they last me as long as possible.

I've been thinking about the brushes I have from Sigma and if I would repurchase them since some of htem get used more than others, some never at all, some everyday. And I think what I will do is, as they die *sigh*, I will repurchase that brush from MAC. So slowly, slowly, this way, I will grow my MAC Brushes collection. This way, I will be buying the brushes that I actually use as well. That's another one of my future haul plans lol. I plan a lot, can you tell?

So that's the haul I've already ordered and the one I have coming up I'm hoping to buy the following items: MAC Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone, Painterly Paint Pot, Powder Blush in Trace Gold, Quo Blotting Powder, John Freida Heat Protect, Bare Escentials BareMinerals Matte Powder (in medium beige) and my Alberto Mousse.

MAC Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone: I have large pores around my nose. I feel like when I have foundation on and my skin gets oily or sweaty, they show even more. I've had them for a long time, but they seem more noticeable with makeup. I watched videos in which people talked about how this product closes your pores and keeps them that way underneath your foundation. So for this reason, I want to get and use this product.

Painterly Paint Pot: This is the most popularly mentioned paint pot on YouTube. Every makeup guru mentions using this underneath their shadows to get rid of creasing and make their eyeshadow last. I really also like the idea of creams for the eye area (which I could possibly use to even out my skin tone and just keep that way for a simple day) so I want to invest in the one thats mentioned the most. In the future, I plan on getting all the paint pots they have. I'm actually more excited about these than the actual eye shadows from mac. (I honestly LOVE my Urban Decay Book of Shadows II & Alice in Wonderland Palette, the quality of the shadows is phenomenal and I have most colours I will need for a long time.)

Powder Blush in Trace Gold: So far I only have one MAC Blush. It's a mineralized Blush in Dainty. It's a beautiful colour which is a more pinkish version of Nars Orgasm I think. It goes on great, I love the way it looks BUT I have oily skin and it has shimmers. Also, despite wearing foundation (which I dont go for totally complete coverage because it looks unnatural to me) my red acne scars sometimes show here and there. Pink Blush seems to accentuate that even more. So I want to invest in Trace Gold. I've seen makeup gurus wear it and it looks amazing, there's no pink, its a nice peachish gold sheen and I'm really looking forward to having it.

QUO Blotting Paper: This paper works great for me. In all honesty, I go through a lot of sheets pretty quick but I love them and I need to get another pack as I am currently out and its really hot these days, lol.

John Freida Heat Protect: I actually heard about this product from friends who say it really does a great job. I'm also a little concerned about damaging my hair since I straighten it all the time. Well to be completely honest, the last month has been extremely lazy, but I used to straighten it 3-4 times a week for the last 7 years.

331-bare-minerals-foundation-.jpg image by bdavies_photos

Bare Escentials Bare Minerals Matte Powder Foundation: I LOVE this stuff. It is amazing for many reasons but the most important ones are that it reduces oilyness on the skin a lot compared to Studio Fix Powder. It also is mineral powder so its healthier for your skin. It looks more natural on top of any foundation you apply (compared again to Studio Fix Powder, which has no comparison for when your taking pictures, but for everyday...meh). It does go out pretty quick, because it's loose I use more of it (I've finished the pot in 4 months).

Alberto Mousse: I tried the Garnier Fructis but Alberto was my first love for curls so I'm returning to my roots. WinK!

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