Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bold Lip Colours

I just watched a video by MeaganHeartsMakeup about how bold lips for the summer. I always have a hard time not irking at her makeup tutorials because she has such a babyface that I feel she's too young for it. But I really do appreciate her taste and committment to the world of makeup and beauty. I also appreciate all her advice. It just, I dont know, I should let it go.

So I'm thinking about bold lips and I feel like they're overrated. I personally dont see the magic in wearing a bold lip just anywhere. I love makeup but I've always believed in it having its place. When I originally got into it, I started wearing eyeshadow designs everywhere I went until I came to the moment when I knew that it just was unprofessional at certain settings to look that way.

(Sidetrack: This is in no way an attack on MeaganhHeartsMakeup's advice, she just inspired my thought process. She was probably just talking about the beach or something.)

So I stopped doing that and started wearing more neutral looks to work, school, volunteer, etc. and started saving my extremer looks for the appropriate occasions. I feel like bold lips, personally, are in the same category for me. I dont think they have any place in everyday. But thats just what I think.

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