Thursday, June 3, 2010

Product Review: Tarte 4 Day Stay Lash Stain

Wow! I'm SO disappointed :(.

I have heard SOOO much about tarte being organic and amazing regardless of it not using the same ingredients as other cosmetic companies. Andddd, oh the packaging. The most gorgeous mascara bottle I have ever seen. So pretty, so pretty I could just open and close it all day.

But whats a pretty face with no brain/or a beautiful bottle with no voom. I dont know what to do with it. I got it with the Sephora's Favourites box of mascaras. Thank God I didnt buy a full bottle. Lurve Sephora for putting those out and letting us all check out amazing mascaras (many of the others are phenomenal, I promise!)

(Slight Sidetrack Alert!)

I expected the worst mascara in that box to be the Sephora brand. No offense to Sephora, they are amazing providers of life-changing makeup, but their own stuff is still kind of meh. Yes, that's right, someone had to say it, its meh. However, I want to chew up my own words (yes the meh) because their mascara is amazing. It's better than the Loreal Voluminous Mascara (which a lotta people swear by as the best mascara of all). I'll be honest, I'm new to makeup. I havent tried a gzillion mascaras yet, but Sephora's blew, my, mind. Lurve it! Check it out:)

So yeah, tarte. Oh my tarte. Oooh tarte. What to do with your pretty bottle. I've decided I want to open up another mascara from the box. My strategy (and logic behind buying it) was that I would be able to use one for 3 months each meaning I would have 30 months of mascara for $50 (Canadian). Pretty awesome logic, right? Not sure it's going to work out that way though.

So now the sort-of-come-on-already problem. Which mascara do I open with this. I dont honestly want to wear this mascara even one more day. I'm probably going to slick it on for day trips to parks and outdoor events when no one will care or notice (even though it'll bug me). But I cant possibly wear this to formal events or to work or school.

I also dont want to waste another mascara product by opening it and not actually using it for 3 months because I was actually able to do that with the Sephora one and it worked amazing for me. In fact, I'm regretting throwing it away right now. Sigh!

OMG, so I just found the description for this mascara which kind of explains it:

TARTE 4 Day Stay Lash Stain (Black)
Keep lashes looking naturally tinted for 4 days without reapplying. PolyFlex technology blends mineral pigments and provitamin B5 to envelop lashes in long-lasting pigment while keeping them soft and flexible."

Okay, so that explains why so much makeup remover made no impact on taking this stuff off. And obviously, you cannot reapply this stuff without creating spider legs (which is kind of what I get in the first place as well, but it worsens with reapplication). In all fairness, the mascara looks better over time. A while after having applied it, it started looking better (but its all length and no volume). If they promise it wont come off for 4 days, I guess the fact that makeup remover had a hard time taking it off is proof that it definitely is able to do that.

Okay, listing time:

1. Gives extreme length
2. Beautiful bottle
3. Organic ingredients
4. Long-lasting

1. Does not volumize
2. Hard to remove
3. Does not keep lashes soft
4. Expensive

Take from this what you will. I am no expert. I am just a girl learning about and growing with makeup. I do this for fun, as a hobby. I am in no way suggesting that my opinions are facts or should be taken seriously. Enjoy my experience as I share it.

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