Thursday, June 10, 2010

MAC Finishes

So, I've watched a lot of makeup videos as I've said before and I feel like I've caught on to most of the lingo. I still cant get a grasp on the different finishes from MAC though. So in an attempt to better understand them, I'm going to list and explain them in plain english.

(In case anyone cares, I turned to EnKoreMakeup and other web sources to make this)

So I'm going to talk about the different lipstick finishes first. There are six as far as I know. They are matte, satin, amplified cream, frost, lustre and glaze. Apparently, the pigmentation of these lipsticks is different. So they range in how opaque the colour is when you apply it to your lips.

At the one extreme you have matte lipsticks which are the most pigmented and have absolutely no shine. They look like they have the most colour because of this.

Next is satin lipsticks which have a bit of a sheen to them but still no glitter or anything too shiny. Apparently these two are the ones that give you the most colour, with one having no shine and the other one does.

Next is amplified cream which apparently has the creamiest formulation. So this one is similar to the first two in terms of how much "colour payoff" you get from the lipstick. The difference is how it feels; its much creamier in texture. This one also has a sheen to it (it's not matte).

After those comes frost which are, appropriately, very frosty looking. So its basically a very shiny version of whatever the colour is. This one has less pigmentation compared to the others. While the first three seem to differ mainly in terms of the gloss/shine, this one has less colour as well as much more shine.

The next finish is called lustre. This one is a bit more transparent than all the others. So this is kind of like a lip gloss in the sense that it will look different on every person because of the colour of their natural lips underneath.

Last is glaze lipsticks. These are at the opposite extreme from matte lipsticks in the sense that these have the least amount of pigmentation when applied. This one has no shine.

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