Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hourglass Superficial Lash in Carbon

I'm LOVING this mascara.

So I couldnt help it, I opened another mascara from my Sephora's LashStash. I really did try to work with Tarte and I think it would've worked out better if the mascara hadnt been a stain. I mean who is going to want a mascara that stays on their lashes for 4 days? Dont most people wash their faces twice a day? It was impossible to get off. I would think I got it off, and I would get raccoon eyes getting lots of it, but no matter what I did the next morning I would wake up with mascara around my eyes. I cant have that; I have acne-prone skin which will easily break out if theres makeup left on my face overnight. Not to mention, trying so hard to get mascara off means being a little harsh with your eye area (because you keep reapplying the makeup remover and rub the wipes) so I just wasnt happy with the whole idea.

To be honest, I cant see that mascara working for anyone. No matter what, taking it off is a pain and I cant see anyone being okay with that. Maybe the people who love waterproof mascara. I can understand wearing it to the beach or to the pool but you eventually have to take it off. I dont know, maybe all waterproof mascaras are like this and I just dont know the best way to take them off. It just didnt work for me. Sorry Tarte! I wanted to love you, but you made it hard:(.

So back to what this post is REALLY about, lol. I decided to open the Hourglass Superficial Lash mascara in Carbon from my Sephora Favourites set and I have to say I am LOVING it. I thought the brush was really weird looking (most brushes are rounded but this one was like dead straight). I thought that was going to work to its disadvantage but it somehow works great like that! (In fact, the Tarte one was shaped for the eyes and that didnt help). Okay, okay, enough bashing tarte. This new mascara rocks! It lengthens nicely, not the most length I've ever had but pretty good that I wouldnt complain if I wasnt trying to be completely detailed. The part that I love the most about it is how well it separates my lashes! I feel like I have more lashes than Iknew and I can see each one individually which makes my lashes look more volumized even though the formula may not be made for that.

Actually, let me get an official description: "Superficial Lash Volumizing + Lenghtening Mascara is a hydrating mascara that coats lashes in weightless volume and sheen. Eyes are instantly defined as lashes visibly increase in volume, length, and height."

Okay, so I very much agree with the description. I like their technique to volumize by not having a very thick formula but my separating the lashes. I love the result! I am SO happy I opened it, I know I just wasnt going to be satisfied for 3 months with the Tarte one.

Wow, so I checked out the price for the full bottle and it's $26 at Sephora for this full-sized mascara. Honestly, I'm probably going to keep repurchasing this set of favourites because these sample sizes have enough in them to last 3 months, but if anyone cares, thats how much it costs.

Listing Time:

1. Lengthens
2. Volumizes
3. Nice packaging

1. Expensive

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