Saturday, June 5, 2010

Is this healthy?

So my first few posts have been all about makeup products, but I also feel like addressing the question, is makeup healthy for you?

And I dont just mean is it good for skin, but is it good for you emotionally, socially, psychologically? Its physically a plus for most people so that's not something I'll debate. But is it good for you otherwise?

I know that makeup has covered up not just acne scars and imperfections, but also a insecurity about my face that was never overbearing but always present. In today's society, it's difficult not to feel inadequately attractive. We're all exposed to ads and reality series and movie stars who have a team of people helping them achieve their best physical form; but the rest of us dont have that. We cant afford to have a team of people keep as the most perfect that we can be. Even though I know this, I cant help it. Makeup makes me feel prettier.

I cant deny that my surge into makeup was completely random either. I definitely am aware that my the appearance of my skin has deteriorated in the past few years. I know that this isnt without a cause either. It is what it is though. Makeup helps heal that. It makes me feel happy. Its my hobby truly. And I've never had a hobby in my whole life. Strange, right? But it's true. I've never been passionate about something that I did just for the fun of it the way that I am with makeup. I genuinely feel happiness when I think about the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow palette I snubbed from Urban Decay or the Sephora's Favourites Mascara Set that gives me such great exposure. It makes me feel giddy. So what's wrong with that?

Am I a little dependent on makeup? Can I go out without it? No, not anymore. A close friend mentioned recently that in my entire university life, I never wore foundation to school. I wore eyeliner and some gloss now and then, but that was it. And I felt beautiful for the most part. But as life hits you, as your problems grow more real and less easy to resolve, it effects your skin. It truly does, and it's a vicious cycle. The more I worry about pimples, the more I have, the more I worry, the more I have. So where does that leave me?

I know that I am careful about my makeup as well. That I've educated myself and continue to do so to make sure I'm not just putting anything on my face. (Which I think goes a long way.) I think that it helps me emotionally, on a day-to-day basis by giving me simple pleasures in the morning. I'm always excited for the part of my morning where I get to apply my makeup. What combination of eyeshadows will I use? Will I try a look I recently learned? I feel this deep satisfaction when my foundation is neatly laid on my face and I have a clean, even canvas to work with.

I have no conclusions. I dont know enough. I know that much though, so I'll be okay. And so will you.

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