Friday, July 9, 2010

Best of Nars

So from everything that I've watched, I've learned that there are some products that companies are known for. And I dont mean MAC being popular for foundation and lip products or clinique being famous for skin-friendly stuff. I mean actual products. So here's some products that I think are the most frequent recommendations of gurus, websites, and regular consumers for the company NARS.

Nars Orgasm
I have heard about this blush from EVERYONE. In fact, gurus often talk about this blush as if it's already understood that this is a famous item. I've tried it, I personally think MAC's Dainty Mineralized Blush is the exact same thing. Obviously, I'm no expert. But having worn it, I didnt decide to start saving up for it.

Nars Laguna
This is probably the most talked about bronzer. I forgot to mention, while this is the best of NARS, these are the most talked about blushes and bronzers. So regardless of brand, orgasm is the most talked about blush and laguna the most talked about bronzer without fail. I just grouped them together because it just so happens these two products are both from the same brand. ANYWAYS, moving back to the bronzer. The colour doesnt show up great in this image but I've seen live shots of it and it really is pretty.

So that's my short ramble. I miss makeup. I want more stuff. Somethings wrong with me.

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