Friday, July 9, 2010

Moisture Renew Rimmel Lipsticks

So I bought 5 more, lol. I am now the owner of 6 of these lipsticks and I LOVE them. Honestly, I am thankful that I'm not swelling up and deciding that I cant go for drugstore brands because I have to spend a lot of money to get something worthwhile. That attitude has always irked me and I'm so happy I didnt adopt that.

So the 6 (I was going to say flavours, lol) colours that I own are: precious brown, nude delight, soft coral, vintage pink, rose sorbet, and latino. I have to say, I love the way these colours look on me. All of them. Well, rose sorbet is super bright and I'm not going to where it wherever, whenever but it's a gorgeous colour that I will wear. Honestly, I'm so happy about this purchase. For under $35 CAD I bought 6 amazing lipsticks. That's awesome. And I like all the colours, even better.

So the images I found online dont show the colours for what they really look like, but I really want to share them in any capacity I can so here goes...

Nude Delight
First of all, the bottle is a royal purple, not blue at all. This nude is pretty close to the actual colour but what I want to point out is that it's not bad quality. It's not like you have to layer and layer and layer and still you dont have a colour you like. It's also not drying in any capacity, Best of all, you dont even need a lipgloss with these because they're like cremesheens, they're a little glossy. They all have a shine to them as if they're glosses, except that they're not. It's like having a lipstick and lipgloss in one. I wasnt sure about nude lip colours but I really like this one. I'm super glad I bought this.

Soft Coral
The reason I wanted to buy a coral coloured lipstick is Mizzchevious because she wore them once in a tutorial and it looked phenomenal. As I'm going I want to also mention that another reason why I didnt also stick all these lipsticks in my MAC haul is because I'm just getting into makeup (for the millionth time) and I'm not sure what colours I like on myself. Especially with lipstick, I'm completely new to this. I dont want to invest in MAC lipsticks until I know what I like on my face. That's another reason why I bought all these different shades because I want to see how they look on me. The surprise was how amazing quality they are. This is an amazing coral. Another thing I appreciate about these lipsticks is the colour is buildable. So the first swipe kind of almost blends that colour with your lips, and the more you apply, the more opaque it becomes. This way, you can work in the colour, with how much you want out of it.

Vintage Pink
This is an amazing colour. It's a mauvey pink. Looks very vintage-y, lol. As the name suggests. It is an extremely flattering colour. The nice surprise about this colour was that it doesnt look as dark as it seems. It's actually a bit more muted but extremely beautiful. Cant wait to wear this one as well.

Rose Sorbet
This image is actually extremely realistic. This is the exact colour that I see, it's also the exact colour when applied. As I get into this stuff, I usually tend to favour the less bold and dramatic, I think because I'm still getting used to everything on my face. But I think if I extremely nude makeup and t hem just this lipstick with maybe eyeliner it would look nice. Maybe for a really special event though. It's gorgeous though.

This lipstick is a little less bright than this image suggets. This is a bit more muted than rose sorbet, but very similar in the type of pink it is. I havent worn it as much as some of the others (I think I'm already a third into precious brown after wearing it everyday, reapplying, for a week). I havent experimented as much with this one because I know this one is a safe choice for me. I will like it. It's just a matter of wearing it. The others, I had to try to really love.

I'm not going to talk about precious brown because I already mentioned it in another post.

So that's my ramble about rimmel lipsticks. I would suggest everyone to try them out. I got them on sale for $5 CAD each. They're totally worth the money. Definately a great bet for trying out colours on your skintone and so forth.

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