Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My First Tag!

Yayy! My first tag post:).

Okay, so this is a tag I just saw julieg713 do and I loved the idea. And I wanted to share my own so here goes.

My go to primer is Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP). I use this whenever I'm going somewhere special, when I especially dont want my makeup to crease. I have also found that cream based concealers work really well as bases too but they dont compare to this. I do use those if I'm only going to be out for a few hours.

My go to foundation is MAC's Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in NC25. I have three words for you; best, foundation, ever! I love the coverage this baby gives me! I have lots of acne scarring on my cheeks and let's face it, some acne as well. With this product, I dont even need concealer.

Which answers the next go to question, I dont use concealer.

For setting powder, my go to powder is Studio Fix by MAC (in NC4). While this is my go to because it's amazing as a foundation and setting powder, as a setting powder alone I also love Bare Escentials Bare Minerals Matte Powder. The great thing about this setting powder is that (as well as also having great coverup) it lets your skin breathe since it's mineral-based and best of all it has the most natural finish I've ever seen. While MAC's Studio Fix makes you look flawless, flawless doesnt look real, Bare Minerals Matte makes it look like its YOUR skin.

For blush, I use Dainty Mineralized Blush by MAC on a daily basis. However, I'm waiting on my Trace Gold which is a bronze-goldy colour and looks super natural on the skin. I think once I have that colour it's going to be my go to blush. Plus it'll also help contour and bronze my face a little (which I dont do otherwise, answering the next tag go to question).

I dont use a cream highlight that often although I did get a sample of Benefit's High Beam. I tried it once but it looked too white on my skin (I have a warmer skintone so I think if I got Moon Beam, it would look better). Overall though, I have very oily skin so I dont think that highlighters are a good idea for me anyway. I dont use a highlight in powder form either.

My favorite mascara these days is still the Sephora one. While I'm using the hourglass one, I'm finding that it's clumping a lot sooner than my Sephora one did, it's not as volumizing, nor as lengthening.

My favourite eyeshadow is Sin by Urban Decay. It is my all over the lid, highlight under the brow, inner corner colour and anything else I want with most looks. I've used others but I feel like this colour brightens up my eye the best, blends the best with other colours, and is the perfect nude/cream shade for my skin (and in my opinion, anyone).

My favourite eye liner is Loreal's Linear Intense in Black. I've been using this eyeliner since I was 16 (I'm 23 now) and I've never felt the need as of yet to try anything else. It's very black, very easy to apply. I love it! All I want to try is the dark brown version for more natural looks.

My favourite lip liner is MAC's lip pencil in Soar. It's the most beautiful colour, a dark pink with a touch of brown. It suits my lip colour and works well with most of my lipsticks. I do need something different for more nude or light pink looks but it's still my go to.

My favourite lipstick these days is Precious Brown by Rimmel London. It's from the Moisture Renew line and I love the formulation! It's a pinkish brown and it's soo moisturizing and feels amazing. It's a great wash of colour with one application or a great opaque colour with a few more. Love, love, love.

My favourite lipgloss is by Bonnebell in cappuccino. It's the most beautiful nude lipgloss. It smells like a cappuccino and it blends amazingly with any colour. I have some brighter lipsticks that I find harder to pull off on their own but with this lipgloss, I can wear anything. It mutes out the lipstick in a way that's perfect for me. It's also great to wear on its own.

I dont do anything to my eyebrows. They're naturally fine and it doesnt suit me to do anything.

My favourite makeup brushes are by Sigma (they would probably be MAC if I owned the MAC ones lol). My favorite from theirs is the SS 187 for foundation, SS 150 for powder and blush, SS 239 for eyeshadow on the lid and the SS 224 for crease eyeshadow.

I dont really have a favourite nail polish although I love all the new shades that AVON came out with this year.

Yay, that was so much fun.:)

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