Sunday, July 11, 2010


The following are splurges I really want to make someday but I refuse to let myself make right now considering the dent in my pocket makeup has made in the last 6 months.

This is called Madly by NARS. I really want to collect NARS blushes one day, someday, sigh. But not today. When I do, I really want to get this. It's described on the Makeup Geek website as a seashell pink and I think it would look gorgeous. The same idea as having MAC's Trace Gold for that hint of colour and beautiful shine. I dont know if I would get orgasm first because I really believe that my Dainty minearlized blush by MAC is a really close colour.

Not this quad specifically, but I really want a chanel quad for my purse. For my makeup bag with which I can take off all my makeup and do it again. I dont want just touchup stuff in my bag. I'm often out for the whole day and I feel gross after 5 hours. The makeup has faded and I really badly want to reapply. For that purpose, I want one of these.

Dior Lip Glosses are another splurge I want to make. They retail for $30 CAD which I found out at a local counter and I was like whoa. Way too much for a beginner. But oneday, someday.

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